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Semicolon-Agnostic Javascript Syntax Checking with JSHint

Douglas Crockford's Javascript syntax checker, JSLint, has served the community well, but is opinionated and inflexible. If you program Javascript and omit unnecessary semicolons, for example, JSLint will continually badger you about your style choice.

Talk: Introduction to Node.js from a Drupal Dev's Perpsective

I gave a talk tonight on node.js, and related technologies, to the Vancouver Drupal Users Group. The talk ran through why node.js is useful for realtime web apps, how to get it and Express up and running, and how to access data from Drupal and MongoDB.

Not Only Drupal: Using Drupal to Manage Data for JS/SSJS Apps

I gave a talk today at the 2010 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit on using Drupal as a datastore for Javascript applications.

You can check out the slides on Slideshare or download the PDF [22 MB].

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