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Drupal on Ubuntu Snags

I ran into some snags while trying to use Ubuntu for offline Drupal development and have noted them down for future reference.

After getting LAMP installed, I added "AllowOverride All" to the necessary directories in the Apache config, but Drupal clean URLs wouldn't work. It turns out that, unlike Centos, Ubuntu doesn't enable mod_rewrite on Apache by default. The solution was enterning "sudo a2enmod rewrite".

Dual-Booting Linux on an EEE Box and First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.10

After getting impatient trying to track down the Linux version of the Asus EEE Box, I ended up begrudgingly buying the Windows XP version. Having bought a Windows license, I decided to use Ubuntu in in a dual-boot configuration (as there are rare occasions when I need non-virtualized Windows).

Getting The Rotating Desktop Cube Working in Ubunutu Hardy Heron

Last weekend, I configured my Macbook to dual-boot, via rEFIt, Ubuntu Hardy Heron beta and MacOS Leopard. I'd previously been frustrated when attempting to run Gutsy, but Hardy is a vast improvement: other than some minor glitches, everything important works well.

One thing I found a bit confusing, however, was setting up the snazzy Compiz Fusion rotating desktop cube, so I thought I'd document it because the process is a bit weird.

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