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Drupal on Ubuntu Snags

I ran into some snags while trying to use Ubuntu for offline Drupal development and have noted them down for future reference.

After getting LAMP installed, I added "AllowOverride All" to the necessary directories in the Apache config, but Drupal clean URLs wouldn't work. It turns out that, unlike Centos, Ubuntu doesn't enable mod_rewrite on Apache by default. The solution was enterning "sudo a2enmod rewrite".

Dual-Booting Linux on an EEE Box and First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.10

After getting impatient trying to track down the Linux version of the Asus EEE Box, I ended up begrudgingly buying the Windows XP version. Having bought a Windows license, I decided to use Ubuntu in in a dual-boot configuration (as there are rare occasions when I need non-virtualized Windows).

Folks are using Multiforms... Yay!

According to Drupal usage stats, over 40 sites are using the Multiforms survey/contest module I developed with the help of Geoff Burke and Miles Kier. That's not a huge number, but will motivate me to clean up the code and improve the documentation. I've definitely learned a lot about Drupal, and development in general, since I started the project a year and a half ago.

Javascript Syntax Checking From Vim

Syntax checking from vim is handy. By checking your Javascript syntax from vim, rather than the browser, you'll save time and aggravation. To do it, you'll need Spidermonkey, which allows you to run Javascript without a browser, and JsLint, a Javascript syntax-checker writter in Javascript.

Installing Spidermonkey

Consult the build instructions page for installation instructions for many architectures, or use the quick instructions below for Ubuntu and Centos.

Using Django's Databrowse With Inspectdb

The Django databrowse application is an interesting piece of software that I've wanted to try out ever since its creator, Adrian Holovaty, demoed it in Vancouver last year. Its purpose is to allow you to navigate data, using a web interface, looking for trends and other interesting aspects.

Vancouver Django Meetup

The first monthly meeting of the new Vancouver Django group took place today. Good times and Django lore abounded. Want to come to the next one? Check out the Meetup page.

Emerging Python Modular Web Frameworks

Two projects I am watching with a lot of interest are Pinax and Drupy.

Haml for Drupal

I just committed a Drupal input filter for Haml to It depends on phpHaml, which in turn depends on PHP 5.

Sphinx Talk Slides

I've posted the slides from today's Sphinx talk at Vancouver Drupal Camp.

Ianiv of NowPublic pointed out that while Sphinx is quick to search, its updating speed is less than that of Xapian, another C++-based search engine. Nonethess, Sphinx is going to dramatically increase speed and search quality for the vast majority of sites.

Sphinx Talk At Vancouver Drupal Camp

I'll be doing a talk this Friday at the sold-out Drupal Camp Vancouver on the fast and elegant Sphinx search engine. Sphinx is open source, straightforward, and used by folks like NowPublic and The Pirate Bay to provide scalable search.