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Getting The Rotating Desktop Cube Working in Ubunutu Hardy Heron

Last weekend, I configured my Macbook to dual-boot, via rEFIt, Ubuntu Hardy Heron beta and MacOS Leopard. I'd previously been frustrated when attempting to run Gutsy, but Hardy is a vast improvement: other than some minor glitches, everything important works well.

One thing I found a bit confusing, however, was setting up the snazzy Compiz Fusion rotating desktop cube, so I thought I'd document it because the process is a bit weird.

State of Django Pluggable Applications

Click here to view/download a PDF of my presentation for Open Web Vancouver 2008.

Open Web Vancouver 2008

After nearly a year of organizing, Open Web Vancouver 2008 went off amazingly. Over two days, we managed to feature over 30 talks in three rooms. Over 300 open web enthusiasts attended and the crowd seemed fun and diverse, with a lot more women attending than I've seen at past conferences. Gerald Baurer managed to organize a SocialCamp track that provided a forum for Vancouver startups and online ventures to show their stuff.

MozCamp at OpenWeb Vancouver

A quick note: Activestate is hosting a get-together for those interested in developing XUL-based applications and FireFox extensions. The event will be held Sunday, April 13, in association with Open Web Vancouver. More details here!

The Pros and Cons of Magic

Magic, in the context of software development frameworks, is behind-the-scenes logic that looks after low-level details for you.

I have a love/hate relationship with magic. When it works for you, it's beautiful, but when it doesn't it's intensely frustrating.

Drupal and Rails are magic-driven development frameworks. Django, on the other hand, takes a minimalist approach largely free of magic.

A Tip for the Use of CSS Sprites

Using CSS sprites is a great way to increase site response by lessening the number of HTTP requests needed to fetch a page.

Updating sprites can be tricky though. Browsers will cache an image containing sprites which makes adding new sprites tricky. The easiest way to get a browser to recache an image containing spites is to change the filename.

Vancouver Drupal Camp 2008

On May 9-10, Vancouver will see its second ever Drupal conference, Vancouver Drupal Camp 2008. The event will feature multiple tracks and will take place at two downtown locations.

If you're interested in helping organize or sponsor, let the organizers know how you'd like to contribute on the wiki page!

Installing Django on Centos 5

In preparing to upgrade this server to Centos 5.x, I did a test install of the Centos "Server" configuration using VirtualBox. The "Server" configuration comes with Apache 2.x, Python 2.4, and mod_python pre-loaded.

Installing Django

Here are the commands needed to install the latest version of Django:

Gnu Screen: Quicksilver (Kind Of) for Command Line Junkies

If you're a command line junkie, Gnu Screen command is a handy, handy application. It simulates multiple terminals from within one terminal using a relatively easy to learn array of keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can keep top running in one virtual terminal, vi in another, and a bash prompt in another. If you're an OS X user think of it as Quicksilver for the command line.

Open Web Vancouver 2008 Is Open For Registration!

After half a year of organizing by the Vancouver PHP Association, the Open Web Vancouver conference is open for registration. This year, unlike years past, we've opened up the conference to non-PHP technologies, such ss Ruby and Python, which should make for a new dynamic.