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Beryl: The Subtle Benefits of Lookin' Fine

I migrated to OS X partly because of the huge hassles involved with using open source software on Windows, but also because of its looks. Apple's cold elegance is definitely preferable to Microsoft's slick, fake smile.

Ubuntu, however, is likely to be my new home. After having Ubuntu and the 3D wonders of Beryl demonstrated to me by Vancouver open source evangelist Scott Nelson, I was blown away. Linux is now not only free and functional, but is fun and looks great.

Selected Online Resources for Web Design

Here are a number of web design resources that I either regularly use or wish I would remember to use or try out.


Help Out Free Geek Portland

Free Geek, an innovative and ambitious Portland project to share skills and hardware, was recently broken into. Help them out by donating so they can get back into gear.

Social Bookmarking Widget Script

Looking for a quick way to boost your traffic? Based on the work of Graywolf, I've created a Javascript that will render a social bookmarking widget with icons for submitting content to Digg, Reddit, etc. Download it here.

Django Gaining Ground in Vancouver

Interest in the Django web framework in Vancouver seems to be growing. The Vancouver Python and Zope Users Group held a meeting last Tuesday where Paul Prescod, Dethe Elza, and I gave presentations on various facets of Django development. In addition, the Django Book is attracting interest for its collaborative proofing model.

Django Theme for Apple Keynote

How not to spend a Saturday night: creating a Django theme for Apple Keynote.

If you anticipate making a presentation about the Django web framework, consider using my theme (3 MB ZIP archive) to show your audience you mean bidniz.

The overall look was based on Django desktop graphics. "Jump To Tag" Bookmarklet

Here's a simple bookmarklet I made to allow me to quickly jump to any tag(s) in my account:

Jump To Tag

To use it:

  1. Drag the above link to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
  2. Right-click on the bookmarklet, select Properties, and change "mikecantelon" in the location field to your username.

Vancouver Bar Camp 2006: A Success

Props to the organizers and sponsors of Vancouver Bar Camp 2006 for putting on a damn fine event. Their work is appreciated.

The space and food were amazing, the organization was smooth, the mood was playful, and good times descended like friendly bats.

The kickoff event took place at Bryght's offices and the presentations took place at WorkSpace.

I gave a presentation on the Python-based Django web framework, which people seemed curious about (slides available online here). The presentation was created using Zoho Show and was featured on Zoho Blogs!

Will JavaScript Become the New BASIC?

In a well known article written last year, Tim O'Reilly posed the question "What Is Web 2.0?"

Only a year later, Web 2.0 is becoming familiar territory.

Web 2.0 is, in essence, a web open to participatory content creation: blogging, sharing photos, contributing research to wikis, etc.

New web sites, web technologies, development tools, and design methodologies gained popularity and helped make Web 2.0 happen. The conceptual essence is, however, democratized participation.

The Democratization of Development

5 Steps to Adding Links to Your Site

If your site's backend supports RSS aggregation, as Drupal does, publishing links from is simple...