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The Georgia Straight Online Redesign

After working with the Georgia Straight for a little over a year, it's satisfying to finally see our web team's vision unleashed. We've launched a redesign that combines a new look with a new navigation scheme. In the previous version, content over a week old was only accessible through the "back issues" interface. In the new version access to content is more blog-like. Content flows in reverse chronological order for each topic and can be subscribed to via RSS.

Other Georgia Straight projects we've worked on over the last year are searchable entertainment listings, a mobile version of the site (which is currently quite crude), and the Multiforms Drupal module for contest and survey authoring. These, combined with the redesign, provide an online foundation that should allow us to start really innovating.

Thanks to Djun Kim of Raincity Studios for the inital conversion from Cold Fusion to Drupal, to Geoff Burke (manager of the web department and fellow Drupallier), and to Miles Keir (website visual designer and administrator). Thanks also to John Burns, former online editor (now with Vancouver Magazine), who played a big role in the design process.

The Old Look

New And Improved!