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Open Web Vancouver 2008 Is Open For Registration!

After half a year of organizing by the Vancouver PHP Association, the Open Web Vancouver conference is open for registration. This year, unlike years past, we've opened up the conference to non-PHP technologies, such ss Ruby and Python, which should make for a new dynamic.

Tim Bray, of Sun Microsystems, and Zak Greant, of Foo Associates, will be presenting keynotes. Other speakers include Patrick Chanezon of Google, Laura Thompson of the Mozilla Foundation, and Brian Shire of Facebook. The full roster can be viewed online.

The conference is being held on April 14 and 15 at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the Vancouver PHP Association is a non-profit association, registration is only $150 and any profits will go towards organizing similar events in the Vancouver area.

You will have a good time. You will party with interesting geeks. You may even see the mythical Vancouver Convention Centre unicorn. Register now as it'll likely fill up fast!