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Dual-Booting Linux on an EEE Box and First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.10

After getting impatient trying to track down the Linux version of the Asus EEE Box, I ended up begrudgingly buying the Windows XP version. Having bought a Windows license, I decided to use Ubuntu in in a dual-boot configuration (as there are rare occasions when I need non-virtualized Windows). The EEE Box comes with an odd Windows install DVD, however, and I wasn't able to create a dual boot install the usual way (by installing Windows XP then installing Unbuntu on another partition). What I ended up having to do was install XP using the entire hard drive then resizing the resulting NTFS partititon. I did the resizing using GParted via the GParted Live CD. After shrinking the NTFS partition I booted from the Ubuntu 8.10 CD, created new partitions onto the free space, and installed without issue. When setting up a system I now always create a separate partititon mounted at "/home" to allow myself to reinstall the system without having to backup/restore my personal files.

After installing Ubuntu 8.10 I installed the community themes package ("sudo apt-get install community-themes"), which provides the new Dust theme. Ubuntu under the Dust theme looks great, better than OS X. I'd considered installing the Linux Mint distro to get a fresh look, but Linux Mint hasn't yet finalized their 8.10-based release and the Dust theme meets this need. In my opinion, Dust should be the new Ubuntu default theme.

One thing to note when dealing with the EEE Box is that pre-8.10 versions of Ubuntu will get confused trying to detect its video configuration. When booting the GParted Live CD I had to select VESA video mode from the CD's boot menu. When installing from the Ubuntu 8.10 CD I may have had to select safe mode installation (by pressing F4 on the CD's boot menu and selecting Safe Graphics Mode).