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Getting The Rotating Desktop Cube Working in Ubunutu Hardy Heron

Last weekend, I configured my Macbook to dual-boot, via rEFIt, Ubuntu Hardy Heron beta and MacOS Leopard. I'd previously been frustrated when attempting to run Gutsy, but Hardy is a vast improvement: other than some minor glitches, everything important works well.

One thing I found a bit confusing, however, was setting up the snazzy Compiz Fusion rotating desktop cube, so I thought I'd document it because the process is a bit weird.

Adding Compiz Fusion Control Panel

  1. In the Applications pull down menu, select Add/Remove.
  2. Change the Show selector to All Available.
  3. Add the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings application.

Enabling Cube Rotation

  1. In the System menu, in Preferences, select Advanced Desktop Effects Settings.
  2. Check Desktop Cube then click Disable Desktop Wall.
  3. Check Rotate Cube.

Adding the Necessary Virtual Desktops

  1. Click on General on the sidebar.
  2. Click the General Options button.
  3. Click the Desktop Size tab then change the Horizontal Virtual Size slider to 4.

You should now have the ridiculously fun rotating cube, which you can spin via CTRL-ALT left arrow/right arrow! CTRL-ALT down arrow allows you to navigate left and right while the cube is "unfolded".