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Semicolon-Agnostic Javascript Syntax Checking with JSHint

Douglas Crockford's Javascript syntax checker, JSLint, has served the community well, but is opinionated and inflexible. If you program Javascript and omit unnecessary semicolons, for example, JSLint will continually badger you about your style choice.

Javascript Syntax Checking From Vim

Syntax checking from vim is handy. By checking your Javascript syntax from vim, rather than the browser, you'll save time and aggravation. To do it, you'll need Spidermonkey, which allows you to run Javascript without a browser, and JsLint, a Javascript syntax-checker writter in Javascript.

Installing Spidermonkey

Consult the build instructions page for installation instructions for many architectures, or use the quick instructions below for Ubuntu and Centos.

Selected Online Resources for Web Design

Here are a number of web design resources that I either regularly use or wish I would remember to use or try out.


Social Bookmarking Widget Script

Looking for a quick way to boost your traffic? Based on the work of Graywolf, I've created a Javascript that will render a social bookmarking widget with icons for submitting content to Digg, Reddit, etc. Download it here. "Jump To Tag" Bookmarklet

Here's a simple bookmarklet I made to allow me to quickly jump to any tag(s) in my account:

Jump To Tag

To use it:

  1. Drag the above link to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
  2. Right-click on the bookmarklet, select Properties, and change "mikecantelon" in the location field to your username.

Will JavaScript Become the New BASIC?

In a well known article written last year, Tim O'Reilly posed the question "What Is Web 2.0?"

Only a year later, Web 2.0 is becoming familiar territory.

Web 2.0 is, in essence, a web open to participatory content creation: blogging, sharing photos, contributing research to wikis, etc.

New web sites, web technologies, development tools, and design methodologies gained popularity and helped make Web 2.0 happen. The conceptual essence is, however, democratized participation.

The Democratization of Development

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