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Dual-Booting Linux on an EEE Box and First Impressions of Ubuntu 8.10

After getting impatient trying to track down the Linux version of the Asus EEE Box, I ended up begrudgingly buying the Windows XP version. Having bought a Windows license, I decided to use Ubuntu in in a dual-boot configuration (as there are rare occasions when I need non-virtualized Windows).

Getting The Rotating Desktop Cube Working in Ubunutu Hardy Heron

Last weekend, I configured my Macbook to dual-boot, via rEFIt, Ubuntu Hardy Heron beta and MacOS Leopard. I'd previously been frustrated when attempting to run Gutsy, but Hardy is a vast improvement: other than some minor glitches, everything important works well.

One thing I found a bit confusing, however, was setting up the snazzy Compiz Fusion rotating desktop cube, so I thought I'd document it because the process is a bit weird.

Gnu Screen: Quicksilver (Kind Of) for Command Line Junkies

If you're a command line junkie, Gnu Screen command is a handy, handy application. It simulates multiple terminals from within one terminal using a relatively easy to learn array of keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can keep top running in one virtual terminal, vi in another, and a bash prompt in another. If you're an OS X user think of it as Quicksilver for the command line.

Beryl: The Subtle Benefits of Lookin' Fine

I migrated to OS X partly because of the huge hassles involved with using open source software on Windows, but also because of its looks. Apple's cold elegance is definitely preferable to Microsoft's slick, fake smile.

Ubuntu, however, is likely to be my new home. After having Ubuntu and the 3D wonders of Beryl demonstrated to me by Vancouver open source evangelist Scott Nelson, I was blown away. Linux is now not only free and functional, but is fun and looks great.

Help Out Free Geek Portland

Free Geek, an innovative and ambitious Portland project to share skills and hardware, was recently broken into. Help them out by donating so they can get back into gear.

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